Patavium is the Roman name of Padua, our city, and for us it wanted to represent a tribute to the history of the territory.

Patavium 2000 years ago probably had its "Tabernae" too, but we'd be presumptuous if we said our ancestors made them…

We too, in our small, we have 50 years of history, which, as in many other cases, starts from a small artisan shop on the outskirts of town (in those days it was called the "Marangon").

The founders of Patavium Design were in fact carpenters, of those who repaired the leg of a piece of furniture, or who made a table strictly made of solid wood.

Then, at the end of the 80s, the second generations entered the company, bringing stimuli, fashions, methodologies and finally technology.

From the first location many things have changed, up to the current modern factory and able to meet the needs of us and our customers.

Now, to prepare the ground for the third generations, we continue to work on the modernization of the company, applying the most current strategies and processes, without obviously losing sight of our heritage of quality craftsmen.

With the new millennium, we felt the need to renew ourselves also through a radical change in the coordinated image of the company, making decisive changes to brand, logo, commercial policies, and product positioning.

In 2010 our expansion to the European markets began, proudly proposing the Italian Design without compromise, expansion to date perfectly successful, with numerous projects completed and many more coming.

To date we have an internal design studio that revolves around young professionals, and we also use several collaborations with external architects.

We are now able to provide projects of all kinds, from the bar to the bakery, from the German brewery to the pastry shop, passing through jewelry, delis, social cellars and more.

Our production department is able to deal with any project, both complete (key in hand) and renovation.

We are equipped with a "pre-assembly" department, where each local product is put in to work before being delivered, with the aim of eliminating upstream any technical problems, and simplifying the shipbuilding part.

We therefore define ourselves as technical decorators, as the problems to create a room are peculiar to each of them, and for this reason our structure allows us to provide functional solutions to the work of the managers, but above all to the technical success and commercial premises.

Our goal is to involve customers and staff in an emotional project. Price is certainly an important aspect, and for this reason we always try to give our premises a just perceived value, without leaving aside our main characteristics: the search for quality and the care of detail.

We share daily successes and difficulties with all the components of the company, of every job and degree.
We are a happy group with "horizontal hierarchies", no CEO, AD, EXECUTIVE draws our guidelines, in short, a real rugby team, sport widely practiced by many of our members.

Our "partners" are not trivial suppliers, but they represent excellence in terms of raw materials, lighting and technical equipment, and are part of all effects of our "community" sharing our vision daily, and we love define them as "suppliers of ideas.

We never talk about "mission" or "location", we are Latin, Italian and Padovani, and with pride.
We have built hundreds of premises, and we are proud of the very high percentage of established customers, who have been following us for years and challenging us for their new projects.

Since 2018 we have become partners of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Venice, and we are registered to the register of companies that hire young architects and designers for professional internships, with the aim of absorbing new trends, ideas, utopias and visions coming from the world of young people.

Any young Architect or Designer who wants to take part in an internship at Patavium Design would be welcome, as long as he "gifts" a piece of his "youthful madness".