At Patavium Design we have neither mission nor location, but goals and places.

We don’t even have passion, or chairman, or CEO, but passion and collaborators involved emotionally in the project.

We are a historic company, but young and with a great desire to grow up, in 40 years of history we have helped to sell a sea of beer and “shadows”, tons of good food and cocktails at will, while in our stores were sold jewelry and clothes, fruits and bread , shoes and trimes.

We have the ambition to find not only customers, but enthusiasts of things done well, that give value to a well-made project and not only economic, and to design with them the furniture tailored both by price and by design, without ever giving in to compromises on materials that we use.

Among our great satisfactions are the continuous requests for updates on premises made even 20 years ago, which continue to do their job well thanks to the quality of the materials we use, as well as a percentage of customers close to 50%.

To paraphrase a famous car advertisement a few years ago we can
say: “Our 10 YEARS pub, IS A CHILD”…

We want to consider every project realized as a successful record, of those that you listen to willingly even after years, and in this we have the presumption to be DIFFERENT, for us “ARREDARE E’ MUSICA…..”.

Have a good listen.